Station call processing of emergency

Man Machine Interface : MMI 921

Composed of a computer and an IP phone, the workstation has a map projection of the areas monitored. The emergency roadside telephone is pinpointed on the motorway network. It allows the location of emergency calls on the motorway network. Connected to a centralized database, it allows the management of 100 hubs PIRAU and 5000 emergency roadside telephones. It integrates technical supervision. The access to the critical functions is managed by user rights.

Man Machine Interface maintenance features

  • Setup assistant integrated
  • Wallpaper configurable by the administrator
  • Data exchange monitoring between devices
  • Test and total technical supervision of the ERT network
  • Database centralized with security by replication

Man Machine Interface technical features

  • Minimum standard configuration: 2.4GHz processor 256Mb RAM, 40 Gb HD, 17’ screen
  • Operating system: W7, Windows XP Pro
  • G711/H323 VOIP Telephony
Download the brochure: Man machine interface

Man Machine Interface functional features

  • Wallpaper with multiple maps depending from caller’s localization
  • Calls and communications viewing
  • Photograph of the ERT calling (Video for the IP ERT)
  • Log and statistics events
  • User’s access secured by password
  • Management of people who intervenes: police, security, emergency, breakdown services.
  • Three way calling
  • Multiple Broadcast messages on IP VisioBox
  • Foreign language support to the user
  • Communication recording with export
  • Multi-stations and multi-users on TCP/IP network management
  • Computerized logbook
  • Possibility to connect the software to an external application