Other applications: Ports and beaches …

The emergency roadside telephone’s main objective is to enable the exchange of information between people. Its scope is not limited only to the motorway networks. For example, the ERT can be installed on a port to exchange information with port services, or on a sensitive site in order to secure the location such as a beach! Thanks to its GSM product, Maitrise Technologique is your ideal partner! We offer a turnkey solution that requires no wiring (GSM transmission) with easy installation requiring only a slab support to secure the box. The emergency roadside telephone is then completely autonomous since it works by solar power (photovoltaic panels). Just press on this one, to be linked with the service immediately set via the dedicated software provided! More technical information in the ERT GSM page.

Compliance with standards

NF P 99 – 250: General features of emergency telephone network

NF P 99 – 252: Maintenance principles of ETN
NF P 99 – 253: Technical features of the Emergency roadside telephones and appeals workstations
NF P 99 – 254: Implementation of emergency telephone network
CEM: 2004/108/CE Directive

GSM Standard ETSI

R&TTE : Directive 1999/5/EC

The functional characteristics

  • Induction by fugitive pressing on the call buton
  • Waiting message during a direct incoming telephone call
  • Running information light for hearing impaired user
  • Possibility to save 8 hierarchical numbers
  • Continuously callable
  • Daily-test of the functional state: power supply, audio