Maîtrise Technologique and the Smart City

modularity and flexibility

The smart city is a new concept of urban development. It is about improving the quality of life of city dwellers by making the city more adaptive and efficient. Each city has specific needs. This is why Technological Mastery designs its Smart City offer in the form of bricks that can be associated or deployed independently of each other.
Within the same project, the needs can be different:

  • Initiation of the call via a “panic button”.
  • Management of proximity cameras in the event of a call.
  • A feedback of IoT instrumentation (occupancy of parking spaces, remote control of lights, etc.).
  • Have a real-time view of traffic.
  • Sends a Beacon message to all smartphones near the terminal.

Maîtrise Technologique, with its modular and remotely managed solutions, adapts to the needs of all “smart city”.

Data and Software

The field equipment installed in the city, dependent on different power sources and communication networks, sends all the information collected back to be processed by the software at the control center.

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