Emergency Call Box – Emergency Call point – Emergency call Network

Maitrise Technologique E.R.N system is intended to treat any emergency call from emergency roadside telephones functioning according to different technologies like GSM, Ethernet, fiber optics or telephony. Its complex general architecture allows the management of motorways network until 5 000 km with 1 to 100 operators to receive the calls. It supplies security and functioning safety at the road user. The guarantee of service to the user in distress is provided by redundant hardware. It is based on IHM921, PIRAU IP and Emergency Roadside Telephone equipment.

Emergency call Network technical features

  • Redundant secure servers
  • 100 operators and administrators’ workstations
  • 100 PIRAU hubs
Download the brochure: Emergency Call Network

Emergency Call Box system functional features

  • Multi-site call handling
  • Caller location and management
  • Administration by Ethernet network
  • Secure routing of calls in case of failure of the Ethernet network
  • Secure and redundant central database

Emergency Call point maintenance features

  • Maintenance and supervision integrated by IP network
  • Timestamped filing in central database
  • Automatic saving of information
  • General statistics of communications