Solutions and benefits

Our company offers a comprehensive range of solutions for management, maintenance, emergency procedure and user assistance. It also includes a complete range of active system maintenance for road safety.

This expertise has enabled us to develop innovative services based on our Emergency Call Network products.
Travel time management, events alerts and LoRa network are now integrated in our Emergency Call Network products.
Availability, reactivity and quality of service are the main goals of our teams.


Maitrise Technologique develops services and products. With us, enter into the 4.0 motorway network

  • Emergency call network always more efficient.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth, the Emergency Call Network of Maitrise Technologique can provide information every
    2 kilometers about the travel time.
  • Integration of LoRa into the terminals
    Equipped with LoRa transceivers, the Emergency Call network ensures that multiple data concerning the road environment can be collected.
Road safety and data management, call emergency

Since 1989, Emergency call networks rely on emergency call stations on roads.

  • Safety with redondance
  • Emergency call management
  • Collection and management of data
Production Emergency Roadside box

All our emergency call stations are designed and produced by Technological Control in compliance with standards and the environment.

Compliance with standard

  • NF P 99- 250: General features of emergency telephone network
  • NF P 99- 252: Maintenance principles of ETN
  • NF P 99- 253: Technical features of the Emergency roadside telephones and appeals workstations
  • NF P 99 – 254: lmplementation of emergency telephone network
  • CEM: 2004/108/CE Directive

Respect the environment : The terminal is self sufficient in energy thanks to its solar panel.

Installation and Maintenance

The perfect mastery of our business and our products, gives you an expertise for the installation and maintenance.

  • State of the optical network updated at each alarm dock
  • Microphone and speaker levels digital setting
  • Local connection of maintenance-thanks to a friendly configurable software provided
  • Dynamic statement of optical levels
  • Control and real time supervision
  • Integrated maintenance and supervision by IP network
  • Date and time archives stored in the central data base