Travel time manager

TTM (Travel Time Management)
Improve the visibility of the travel time on your tracks!

Equipped with a Bluetooth beacon, the Maîtrise Technologique system provides information on journey times and informs your customers in real time about their route. Indeed, through each emergency call station, Bluetooth data is recorded and analyzed. You then have better visibility, in real time, of the traffic on the road and any dangers for motorists.

How TTM works?


  • Real-time data analysis and processing.
  • Configurable data collection.
  • Optimization of existing infrastructures.
  • Reliability of travel times.
  • Personalization of services for your customers.
  • Low consumption, energy autonomy (solar).
  • Availability on different media (fiber optics, radio network, LAN network, etc.).
  • Better visibility of events.

Functional Characteristics

  • Works in Bluetooth.
  • Sharing information every two kilometres.
  • Allows to have a better visibility on the events on the network.
  • Allows to react more quickly, anticipates events on the network and relays information to its customers.
  • Allows you to offer load shedding routes in the event of excessive events, this improves the relationship with customers.
  • All data is anonymized to comply with the regulations in force.
  • The security of the system is carried by the emergency call network which presents a proprietary protocol on the optical layer.

Maintenance Features

  • Maintenance and supervision integrated by IP network.
  • Time-stamped archiving in the central database.
  • Automatic saving of information.
  • Daily self-test of the system with report to the central system.
Download the brochure: TTM