Network connected object services LoRa

Bring the IoT into the operation of your infrastructures!

Based on LoRa and Beacon technologies, the Technological Control system improves the operation of your networks and informs your customers.
With this system, you can remotely collect object states. You can also change the status remotely. Travel or human presence are no longer necessary.
Today there are many connected and connectable objects. They gather new masses of data on the network and therefore, new knowledge which leads to better decision-making.

How does IoT work?


  • Detection of anomalies via sensors to improve security, energy savings or quality of service (draw chamber not closed properly, gate open, water leak, full bin, etc.).
  • Sending configurable messages remotely via Beacon technology. Differentiation of these messages by equipment.
  • Opex optimization (optimizes staff rounds).
  • Push of messages on client applications (real-time information, reduction of traffic jams, etc.).
  • Messages differentiated by direction of traffic.
  • Remote control of equipment on the road (flashlights, signs, etc.).

Possible use case

  • Access gate open/close sensor
  • Draft chamber opening sensor
  • Presence sensor on the emergency lane or zone reserved for the emergency call station
  • Sensor for filling bins in rest areas to increase touring efficiency for operating teams
  • Water consumption sensor on rest area

Maintenance Features

  • Integrated maintenance and supervision via IP network
  • Automatic saving of information
  • Daily self-test of the system with report to the central system