About us

Maîtrise Technologique – MT Maitrise Technologique is a company founded in 1989 and specialized in design, supply, installation and maintenance of industrial electronic and IT systems.

For nearly 20 years our activity has been focusing on road and motorway traffic management systems. With a 25 years job experience and in-depth knowledge in road and motorway traffic management systems, our highly specialized team offers the most efficient and reliable solutions to all the professionals of road and motorways traffic management , involved in roads safety improvements.

We provide the following road and motorway traffic systems
Emergency Call Networks (ECN)
Emergency Call Concentrator – PIRAU
Gsm emergency roadside telephone
Travel time management
IOT services LoRa network
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224 Rue de la Ste Baume – BP 505
Parc d’Activités du chemin d’Aix / 83470 SAINT MAXIMIN – France

Tél : (33) 04 94 59 77 63 Fax : (33) 04 94 59 79 83