We are happy to have switched to
Maîtrise Technologiques technologies

John Lane, director Special Projects & ITS at Electro-Automation in Irlande Electroautomation.co.uk

Electro Automation supplies, installs and maintains intelligent transport systems (ITS), parking, access control and security equipment in the Irish market. It also operates the company EasyTrip jointly with Egis Projects, which provides services to road users, from car washes to electronic tolls for their subscribers. The Irish company has been selling and servicing Maîtrise Technologique emergency telephones in Ireland since 2012.

« We have worked with other suppliers in the past, explains John Lane. We are happy, today, to switch to Maîtrise Technologique technologies, modern and efficient. This French company manufactures very reliable and economical equipment. The team was also very responsive in adapting the products to the needs of the Irish market, which works very well. »