Our speciality : Roads and Motorways Emergency Calls Networks, Traffic Monitoring Systems2022-10-20T09:34:06+02:00
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Our speciality : Roads and Motorways Emergency Calls Networks, Traffic Monitoring Systems


The MT Emergency Call Network geolocates the caller, which makes it possible to arrive faster at the scene of the incident while knowing what the emergency services will have to deal with (fire, heart attack, accident, etc.)


Our solution knows how to integrate with the existing infrastructure, collect calls and technical status of equipment already present.


You will know at any time the operating status of your Emergency Call Network, MT products self-test at regular pace which increases the reliability of the system.


Designed to operate in extreme environments, our products have an MTBF of over 100,000 hours.

Engineering emergency call networks since 1989

Based in the Var, our company is an independent French company, known in the road world for 30 years for the quality of its complete offer of emergency call networks. Our agility allows us to offer innovative solutions capable of transforming the emergency call network into an added-value system for the industrial sector and urban services.

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Travel Time management

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If Maitrise Technologique offers a complete system, the company can as well depending upon requirement propose services independently one from the other.

Installation iot gtp et poste d'urgenc
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Maîtrise Technologique: valuable know-how and a real culture of safety!

Béatrice Thouvenin, Escota Energy and Tunnels Area Manager

We are happy to have switched to Maîtrise Technologique technologies

John Lane, Special Projects & ITS Director at Electro-Automation in Ireland

Maîtrise Technologique makes terminals that do not have this vocation more “smart”

Stéphane Dunaigre, APRR Group, Head of Equipment and Systems Projects
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Smart city, smart security

Smart city, smart security Our company's technological advances create new solutions for city management. By making use of data from connected objects (sensors, probes, terminals), we can manage the collection and treatment of [...]

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