Maitrise Technologique, the leading French supplier of motorway emergency call systems

MAITRISE TECHNOLOGIQUE has participated in a large number of ERTN projects (emergency call networks). The company was involved in the design, installation and maintenance of ERT systems.

With the supply and management of 125 call centralization stations, 150 communication servers (PIRAU), 11,000 ERT, MAITRISE TECHNOLOGIQUE is now the leading supplier for ERTN on the French motorways.

Deployment of Emergency Road Telephone Networks – ERTN

50 Operators Console
54 Communications Servers
3 800 Managed ERT

Autoroutes Paris Rhin Rhône

15 Operators Console
20 Communications Servers
800 Managed ERT

Ministère du transport

2 Operators Console
2 Communications Servers
175 Managed ERT

Olympia Oddos

15 Postes de réponses
20 Serveurs de communication
800 PAU gérés

SagemCom Hungary

15 Operators Console
20 Communications Servers
700 Managed ERT

Autoroute Estérel Côte d’Azur

57 Operators Console
47 Communications Servers
4 200 Managed ERT

Autoroutes du Sud de la France