Maîtrise Technologique makes you “smarter”
terminals that do not have this vocation

Stéphane Dunaigre, head of the Equipment and Systems Projects department of the APRR group.

APRR, affiliate to Eiffage, 4th motorway group in Europe, maintains and manages motorways and toll structures granted by the French State. The group facilitates mobility and travel conditions for its 20 million customers, who use its 2,323 km network in France each year. Maîtrise Technologique has been working with this mobility player since 2011 on 1,650 km of motorway as part of the response systems on the RAU. « We have chosen Maîtrise Technologique for its responsiveness and its ability to provide tailor-made solutions to our specific needs, explains Stéphane Dunaigre. »

«Allow us to obtain very precise crossing times»

APRR thus called on Maitrise Technologique in early 2018 to experiment with the integration, in the RAU, of Bluetooth antennas in order to improve traffic on the A42 and A46 north-east of Lyon, which have nodes with traffic peaks causing recurring slowdowns and traffic jams morning and evening on weekdays. « These antennas anonymously pick up Bluetooth equipment present in vehicles. They are able to spot 15% of them, which is a sufficient sample to allow us to obtain very precise crossing times every 2 km, up or down over 20 km, and to inform drivers . » Stéphane Dunaigre also appreciates the universal aspect of MT solutions, compatible with other RAU systems, as well as the strategy instilled by its new manager. « A company on a human scale, which knows how to take advantage, in continuity, of technological developments, concludes Stéphane Dunaigre. »

Maîtrise Technologique has just won a new call for tenders for the renovation of APRR’s RAUs for 4 years.