GSM emergency call Box – MTX9000 GSM

Emergency Roadside Telephone ERT housing

GSM emergency call BoxThis housing lets an emergency road call treatment. It manages communications between a distress user and an authorized operator of the motorway operating department. Exchanges are done via GSM networks.

  • Warning by simple pressing the call button
  • Caller’s geographical localization
  • Full duplex communication with the operator
  • Autonomous power supply by panel solar
  • Hearing impaired user assistance
  • The installation is easy and needs a light civil engineering built

GSM Emergency Phone box maintenance features

  • Daily self-test with report to the central supervisor (PIRAU)
  • Microphone and speaker level digital setting
  • MMI 921 (Man Machine Interface)
  • Local connection with software maintenance user friendly setting provided
  • Maintenance and operation logbooks
  • Lost calls saving

GSM emergency call Box technical features

  • CPU: ARM 7 TDMT 50MHz with real-time clock
  • 256KB Flash; 64kb RAM; 64KB EEPROM
  • GSM: Quad-Band GPRS class 10/ class B
  • 10W audio amplifier on 8 Ohms
  • Microphone with surrounding noise filtering and anti local echo
  • Temperature range: -20°C, +60°C
  • Supply 12Vdc-7mA in ghost mode 700mA during a call
  • Tropicalized board in black box with connectors removable
  • Integrated battery charger limiter


Download emergency roadside telephone