ETON : Optical Emergency Roadside Telephone (ERT) board

Optical Emergency Roadside TelephoneThis board lets an emergency road call treatment. It manages communications between a user in distress and an authorized operator of the motorway operating department. Exchanges are done via OPTICAL network.

  • Warning by single pressing on the call button
  • Geographical localization of the caller
  • Full duplex communication with the operator
  • Autonomous power supply by photovoltaic panel and battery
  • Hearing impaired user assistance

ETON ERN optical network allows 500 km of motorway treatment on only one fiber optic. It ensures calls out coming thanks to a triple secure. Four simultaneous communications are handled on one optical fiber.

ETON : Optical ERT board maintenance features

  • State of the optical network updated at each alarm clock
  • Microphone and speaker levels digital setting
  • Local connection of maintenance-thanks to a friendly configurable software provided
  • Dynamic statement of optical levels
  • Control and real time supervision

ETON : Optical Emergency Roadside Telephone  board technical features

  • Only one used fi ber
  • Complete security
  • Handling calls from the two endpoints of optical fi bers
  • Dedicated e-card for 2 Call boxes
  • Optical reception limit between 2 ETON: -30db
  • Audio amplififi er 10W into 8 Ohms
  • Micro with noise fifi ltering and anti local echo
  • Temperature range : -30°C, +60°C
  • Power supply 9-36Vcc- Less than 1mA in standby
  • Weatherproof board in housing with removable connectors
  • Limiter built-in battery charger


Download Optical Emergency Roadside Telephone