Road and Motorway Emergency Call Response System (ECN)

MAITRISE TECHNOLOGIQUE has developed a universal highway emergency call response system. It handles calls from Emergency Call Networks (ECN) over copper or optical fiber cable  and over the telephone network from a mobile phone or specialist device.

This system provides network management and administration using Emergency Call Networks (ECN) trunks (our PIRAU communication hub product) from one or more operator response stations (our IHM 921 product).

It includes advanced event log functions linked in with the telephone network so that the operator can contact an individual directly from his workstation.

The typical architecture can network 50 response stations and 50 ECN hubs together on an IP network.

Configuration and processing data may be stored in a centralised database on a central server (optional). This is not essential for call handling, which is guaranteed, even if the server becomes unavailable.


Download the road and motorway universal emergency call response system brochure.