Front-end ECN Interface (PIRAU) / Computerised Management System Interface for Communications network for Emergency

This server allows simultaneous processing of 4 integral full duplex emergency communications.

It manages and administers GSM, Ethernet, fiber optics and PSTN emergency roadside telephones. It is compatible with all French manufactured emergency road boxes.


PIRAU communication Server functions

  • Alert description to 50 operators
  • Possibility to treat until 2 000 emergency roadside telephones
  • Technical supervision of all connected elements
  • 100% autonomous
  • Secured redundancy

PIRAU communication hub maintenance features

  • Remote-controlled via IP network
  • Local connection to the maintenance computer
  • 4 lines LCD local display for viewing :
    • Operating states (calls, communications, picks up)
    • Technical states (IP loss alarms; IP phone presence,
    • supply, processor activity; internals electronics boards)
    • Technical and operations events log
    • Supervision of supplies and temperature system
    • Technical supervision of related items (answer workstation, telephones, voice gateways, boards)