Our speciality : Roads and Motorways Emergency Calls Networks,  Traffic Monitoring Systems

Maitrise Technologique is a french company  founded in 1989, specialized in design, supply, installation and maintenance of industrial electronic and IT systems devoted to roads and motorways emergency calls.

For nearly 20 years, our activity  has been focusing on  road and motorway traffic management and emergency calls networks.

With a 25 years job experience and in-depth knowledge in road and motorway traffic management systems, our management team offers professional solutions to all your road traffic management and monitoring problems, as well as to your safety concerns.

Road and Motorway Traffic Systems

As a specialist we can provide the following  systems :

Emergency Call Networks (ECN),
Variable Message Signs (VMS),
• Automatic Barriers,
• Traffic Logging and Data Collection Stations,
• Video-based road and motorway traffic monitoring,
• Automatic Incident Detection (AID) in tunnels.